October 7, 2011
You are standing over there
And I try not to stare
But you are so beautiful to me
Can’t you see?
The past might have robbed us of our chance,
But with just this glance,
I can tell you its not too late
Its never too late.
I’m glad to have you in my life
To help me deal with strife
And give me hope,
Helping me cope.
I’m happy we aren’t falling apart,
Like we seemed to be,
Leaving me
Struggling with this tidal wave,
Trying to come out of my cave.
So many occasions where you save me,
Convincing me to stay alive, listing reasons,
Through all the seasons.
Remind me of why I am here just as you always do...
You say “I love you”
I say “Love you too.”
And I do.
You’ve forgiven me,
Even when I didn’t deserve to be.
Always welcoming me back,
Healing the crack.
You say “Maybe someday”
I think Yeah one day
I smile when I talk to you,
Laughing and giggling too.
You ask “Who’s the lucky guy???”
I say, “What lucky guy?”
There is no lucky guy,
Only a lucky girl,
A lucky girl who this time shall wait,
‘Cause its not too late.

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