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October 7, 2011
By Tah_Wdaa_Mooses BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tah_Wdaa_Mooses BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I am from a block that no kids is outside.
I am from a mom that loves me.
I am grandmother thats having a hard time.
I am from a man that has two daughters and on son.
I am from a class room that talk to much and don't know how to be quiet.
I am from a block where for breakfast you have to duck and for lunch a dead body on your block and for dinner a bullet in your door.
I am from a block they call 15L and Logan Valley.
From where men and woman have no soul.
I am from a block where drug dealers sit and wait for people to ask for some stuff.
I am from a row homes so when you walk down the street you will see bullet holes.
Where bed time stories are POW POW!
I am from where fighting is a hobby.
Where cops don't need to ask question cause they know who it is.
where being a drug dealer is your ticket to life.
I am from where if people don't get they fight they will start shooting.
I am from wyoming to logan.
Where girls gotta be cute to go to the store.
Where old man stand at the corner all drunk.
Where they try to pick up girls.
I am from a place where girls at 14 is doing it to be cool with other girl.
I am from where hand are weapons.
I am from flash mods.

I am from where people come in houses and kill.
I am from philly !!!!!!!!

The author's comments:
I love this poem because it has good lines and its some thing i did

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