Oh Fish!, My Fish.

January 2, 2008
By Jamie Downie, Ivoryton, CT

Oh Fish!, My Fish.

Oh Fish! My Fish! Your fearful trip is done,
I have cast my line, and reeled you in and you my prize is won,
The land is near, your breath is frail, the temperature is only rising.
The ice is cooling, but soon will melt, and then your life is done.

But Oh Fins! Fins! Fins!
Oh the swap of the wet flipper,
Where the head of your open eye lay,
Flapping like a whipper.

Oh Fish! My Fish! Wake up and hear the ocean,
Rise up, for the wind has come and caused such a commotion,
For your friends are swimming
The turtle is winning
The race has just begun.
You must not die; your time to shine has just began to come.

Your fins went limp; your gills began to bubble,
By the looks of you, your health is quite in trouble,
The man opens the gate, and thinks you will satiate,

But a seagull comes and is the one
Who saves you not too late.
He swoops on down, and comes around with you in his talons.
You are let go, free to roam among the water of gallons.

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