O Dumbledore! my Dumbledore!

January 2, 2008
By Shannon Tovey, Chester, CT

O Dumbledore! my Dumbledore!

O Dumbledore! my Dumbledore! my years of learning are completed,
The quizzes that have fried my brain present a diploma I have
The end is near , graduation speeches is what I hear, teachers with relief are sighing
As teary parents gather ‘round everyone of them fully
But oh spells! spells! spells!
O how you will guide me

Through all the troubles I’ll encounter

Your direction will realign me

Oh Dumbledore! my Dumbledore! Rise tall, we wait for thee
Stand up above-spread all your love-and greet all of us, we
For it was you who molded us-when we were merely

Our minds were clay, you sculpted us, and lived strictly by your
Dear Dumbledore! my mentor!

My mouth can’t form a sound

For if I wished to see you now

I’d have to dig up that mound

My Dumbledore does not answer, his spell no longer spoken
My Dumbledore just lays in peace, and leaves my cold heart broken
My learning’s are buried deep inside, I’ll keep a part of you with

And it is all because of your strength, strong I will also be:

I’ll tell O world, and shout it loud!

Yet with a hint of gloom,

I’ll roam your paths oh so proud,

Your conquest I’ll resume.

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