Winter Wonderland Season

January 2, 2008
By Stephanie Collick, Abington, MA

Snowing outside in the morning
Dusty, windy, cold
Wind burning your ears off as you go.
Winter is coming faster than you think,
Treasure it as much as you can.
Outside, winter is being born before your eyes
Snowmen are built up like an army.
Children frolic outside
Running around like an angry ocean tide.
I think snow is wonderful,
Glistening like a twinkle of a midnight star.
Snow is where I belong
Surrounded by a blanket and also a cup of cider.
I feel safe with Winter
Minus all the ice and slush.
Blizzards can cause no school
People who wear heels in the snow are fools.
Winter is the time to play
Stay away from the icy lakes.
Snow can just leave a dust
But to children, sledding is a must.
Say goodbye to spring
WInter has come at last.

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