O Senior

January 2, 2008
By Wendy Baier, Ivoryton, CT

O Senior, my Senior, applications now are due
The schools were chosen months ago, but the process is not through
The tours, the visits and the fees, the parents getting anxious
But you assure them not to fear, all things are taken care of
But o doubt! Doubt! Doubt!
Oh no, they’re not complete!
Please tell me now what I have lost
Before I face defeat

O Senior, my senior, rise up and meet your task
Your journeys tough o yes it is, but the flag is not half mast
Just go to guidance, get a grip- organize the paper work
Unless of course you applied online, then get onto your network
Here Senior! Dear student!
The form beneath your bed!
It is the missing puzzle piece
Under the bedspread

My senior stands there staring, no expression on her face
She steps on towards the mattress, her hands gentle as lace
It is the supplemental form that we had searched for long
From doubtful search to triumphant perch, success to you belongs
Shout out in joy, and dance in mirth
Now all applications in
Rejoice you’re done go celebrate
Stand back and reap your win

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