Moving On

January 2, 2008
By Lindsey Pontuso, Abington, MA

Moving On

Your dreamy eyes stare, like she is your world.
Where is that face when you look at me close?
Why do you love her, my thoughts are all twirled.
She does not seem to care, why love her most?

A girl that adores you, standing right here.
I am worth your time, just give me a chance.
Will you ever notice I love you dear?
Nope, you brush me off after just one glance.

I give up; decide it’s not worth my time,
I’m so sick of crying all of these tears,
Leaving you behind will feel like a crime;
However, I can’t waste any more years.

If you cannot seem to love me for me,
Then a blurred mem’ry is what you will be.

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