Inside My Luggage

January 2, 2008
By Danica Zielinski, Congers, NY

Inside My Luggage

Nobody knows
Nobody sees
The bag that’s sitting next to me
Invisible to all I meet
The bag that hides at my feet

Keys to unlocked doors
Reminiscence of broken tokens
The worries that fill my mind
Every time I open
This beat up bag of mine

Torn with age
And beaten with abuse
Slowly rusting its handle
Mud caped along its sides
It’s sad to see what it’s become

Heavy it weighs
For each day new wonders
Fill the hollow bag
As it drags along beside me
Heavier with each step

Never to leave
No matter how far I run
The bag will find me
It will always be there
Holding my past
The things I can never forget

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