White Hot Chocolate

January 2, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

White Hot Chocolate

The hot and warm beverage
On a cold and chilly day
The steam rising out of the cup
The white, hot liquid
So unfamiliar
The color of snow
So pure and innocent
Waiting for it to cool
Can’t wait any longer
Must have
Must drink
The first sip
The liquid touches the tongue
A slight burn,
But amazing flavor
The taste of a pure sweet goodness
The taste of winter
The taste of snow
The taste of uncontaminated delight
The taste of cleanness
The taste of enjoyment and happiness
Such an amazing taste
The second sip
Mm, still got that taste
Not too sweet
Not too bland
Not too hot
Not too cooled
It’s just right
By the time I came out of that trance
The cup is empty
Sadden by that fact
But content that I’ve tried such a delectable beverage
White Hot Chocolate
I want more

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