Fire Eyes I Can't Forget

January 1, 2008
By Jennifer Raimo, Califon, NJ

Fire Eyes I Can't Forget

Your smile is a magnet in the center of the universe,
extracting and attracting all the good
from every corner of the world.
The waves that touch every grain of sand
couldn't bring you back
for a single endless summer.
In an hourglass you got stuck in the center
and I can't get through without you
You visit in bubbles called thought
and wander through subconscious movies
to tease me into thinking you're real.
Mornings are the worst, evenings are the worst.
Your music is eternally missing from the ears of the weary and your smile will never bring me back like a magnet.
Beneath a crack in the barn door our smoke filled the sky,
inhalations of the exaltation of youth.
Plans filled every crevice of the dust filled room of a life of surf and sun
underneath the skies we filled with smoke.
The haze on a summer day couldn't hide your smile
or the way the smoke filled sun reflected on your tendrils.
We lay upon the grass until dark and spoke of ghosts
until you became one,
but your song is lived on forever
underneath a sky of fireworks as bright as your eyes, and of the future that got taken from the boy with the magnet smile.

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