Those used to be the ears

January 1, 2008
Those used to be the hands and
the arms that I held tight. Those
used to be the lips that
kissed me throughout the night.

That used to be my place standing
right there by her side. That
used to be the happiness
I would always feel inside.

That smile that she's wearing, yea
she used to wear it for me. And
where his hand is holding hers, that's
where mine used to be.

Those used to be the eyes that
looked deep inside my soul.
She used to be the one that
somehow made me feel whole.

She used to be my safety, yea
I used to be her guy. I
used to be the one to
cause that twinkle in her eye.

Those used to be the ears
that heard all I had to say.
She used to be the one for me,
until she went away.

I used to be surrounded
by the smell of her perfume.
And I thought we would stay together,
but she left me much too soon.

"I love you," used to be the words
she said when we were together.
There used to be hope that
we would be like that forever.

That's supposed to be the voice
that whispers in my ear. That
used to be my life, but
that life is no longer here.

I used to be the one she loved;
for a while I knew she cared. Now
after all that we've been through
my best friends' standing there.

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the guy who wrote this poem said...
Aug. 9, 2008 at 11:15 pm
this came from the heart...based on a true story. i just hope whoever reads this is able to capture a fraction on the emotion i poured into it
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