Angry Love

October 10, 2011
By Anonymous

The Anger is rocking shaking in me
How you are so blind not to see
Simple stupid now leave me be
Any words said to hurt I’m sorry because my blood is gone to many cuts that never cease to bleed
The pain is endless an uncontrollable realm
Sweet little flower can’t you see the way your pain and choices cut into me
I will always be there till my last breath as I breathe again
Confusing and different intoxicating and beautiful you just to silly to see
Monster demon beast is not what I see when I think of you my vampire or werewolf warm and cold
Both full of heart and soul the always seem to come and grow
I have to choose between the ying and yang different but both of night.
The angry that shakes off you rattles to my core why can’t you just stop the anger it makes you stop not grow
Sheath your fangs put away your claws you are both my boys my creatures of the night
Both surrounded in a beautiful glowing light of simple moonlight I wish for both that I can’t have simple boy of my own little realm
The angry rocking shaking in me these are my boys that no one else can truly see my creatures of nights moonlight.
For humanity is never as fun as you guys seem to see

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