Wings Of Death

October 5, 2011

Shattered Memories
Lying On The Ground At My Feet
Pieces Of My Life And Soul
That Will Never Truly Be Complete

Hatred, Sorrow Clawing
At My Skull And Blinding My Sights
Forbidding Me, Forever And Not
To Ever See Heavens' Lights

Deaths' Arms Wrap Around Me
In A Blanket Of Frozen Ice
Fingers And Shards Of Bone
Burrow Into My Skin Like Flesh Eating Lice

And This Life Crushing Hold
That The Devil So Cruelly Possesses
Drags Me Screaming Into The Darkness
Where No One Dare Confesses

I Belong Up High
In The Dark Mysteries Of The Land
Not Down In The Fire
Holding Tightly The Devils Hand

The Broken Wings Of An Angel
So Punishing And Cold
Remain Forever On My Back
To Watch My Own Hell Unfold

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