Meant To Be Yours

January 1, 2008
By Linrosa Thach, Dorchester, MA

Meant To Be Yours

Come let me tell you of a tragedy
Of two lovers who are not meant to be
A girl who couldn’t see reality
A boy who claimed showing feelings silly
Because forever is not how you feel
Such a young love can’t possibly be real
Once two souls desiring to be one
Now two separate hearts, feelings undone
Unspoken words, emotions in the air
Pride takes its toll, such huge egos to bear
The lines for friends and lovers are unclear
All excuses and reason is lost here
A relationship that runs hot and cold
Playing little games and waiting gets old
Mistakes under a hot sun you’ll regret
Actions of the past you want to forget
Careless words spoken leads to your demise
You realize your inner demons inside
Attempts to fix what was broken is lost
She fights a battle she lost before fought

Follow me; I’ll take you to a paradise you’ll never see
Follow me; I can be everything you have envisioned someone to be
This is destiny, me and you together tonight was foreseen
This is destiny, a lifetime of bliss more than what life itself means
My love for you so honest and pure, soon you’ll be mines for sure

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