October 13, 2011
By Shontizzle BRONZE, Toquerville, Utah
Shontizzle BRONZE, Toquerville, Utah
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"Girls love what they hear and guys like what they see. That's why guys lie and girls wear make up." -Wiz Khalifa

Everyone thinks that girl has everything,
They say its unfair she has the perfect life,
But nobody knows that she has something,
That she will struggle with the rest of her life.

She was diagnosed with a disease so unforgiving,
She is determined and fights it everyday,
Know one knows because she just keeps living,
She is unbelievably strong in her way.

That boy over there,
That you call a stoner all the time,
That's just not fair,
Because he's never even smoked a dime.

The boy you heard drinks again,
Stopped a long time ago so I,
Don't understand when,
You know he doesn't yet you keep spreading the lie.

The girl you think cries too often,
Has had extreme trials more than most could take,
Maybe your heart would soften,
If you knew all the close ones in her life that had died and all the ache.

So dont judge someone,
Unless you know the facts all the way,
Because everyone,
Battles through something everyday.

The author's comments:
Me and a good friend of mine both have recently found out we have auto immune diseases. Few could possibly understand how hard it is. So I dedicated the first stanza for my friend who has it. And the others are rumors that spread around town that are never true and it makes me so upset.

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