I Wish John Lennon Was My Daddy

January 1, 2008
By Olivia Buzzacco, New Middletown, OH

I wish John Lennon was my daddy
Then I’d look just like him
Wavy brown hair, a gorgeous smile
Laughing brown eyes, a pointed nose
And the most handsome face
He’d sing to me every night
While I’m tucked in bed
His soothing voice would put me right to sleep
I’d dream the most wonderful dreams
Of places like Pepperland
Where everyone gets along
And talks about music, not politics
And love is all that you need

I wish John Lennon was my daddy
Even if he was always working
I’d know that he still loves me
Although I’d hardly ever see him at home
But when I’m old enough
I’ll spend my weekends and summers in the studio
I’d keep quiet and wouldn’t bother him
While he singing songs about peace and love
I’d listen to his words and understand
What he wants in the world

I wish John Lennon was my daddy
Even if he did drugs
I wouldn’t care
I’d still love him just the same
Although he smoked
I wouldn’t mind
As long as he’s happy
I’m happy
I know that people don’t like Yoko
But I’d love her
Because she’d be my mommy
The one that brought me into this world

I wish my daddy was John Lennon
So I could be hugged by his warm, strong arms
And have his humor and wit
And his musical talent
To hear him talk about his days of
Touring and filmmaking
Hearing his music would give me goose bumps
Just knowing that that’s my daddy’s voice
Singing in such a flowing, beautiful way
To hear what he has to say
If my daddy was John Lennon
I’d tell him everyday
That I love him.

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