January 1, 2008
By Christina Scribner Jr, Owings Mills, MD


This is for my newborn
My unborn, you’re my heart
My teen, my full grown
I know you remember the start
So don’t forget to tell the little ones
No, give this to them in my writing
Don’t let it be destroyed in years to come
You all need to learn about legacy

All that I’m leaving behind
Down to my piece of mind
And stories of the struggle
That’s how I fought
And I never gave up
I never believed in luck
But I know all about faith
And asking God, cause he always makes a way


I was always a dreamer
Big dreams since I was a little girl
I’ll dance on the moon and kiss the stars
It’s destined to happen if I really feel it in my heart
As independent as they come
And even more stubborn
But I had to learn to cope with real situations
That I had no power in changing
I learned to edit and revise myself
Cause I wanted to be taken seriously,
I learned to ask for help
Hard work equals my legacy

I’ve got the world
I swim in the oceans for leisure
Climb the mountains easy as stairs
I’m real, so I'll lay my heart out
Now I’m bare
Aware of myself, aware of every emotion
I know who I am
Express myself, and let them all know
All about exactly how far hope can go

I’m working on my legacy
It’s something they’ll be proud of
My kin will still remember me
When my peers are no longer thought of
I’m going to make my mark
Permanent like a tattoo,
Beautiful like a rose,
And stronger than steel
That’s my imprint
It’s more than remembrance
I want to live for the realism of a dream
Make your fantasies part of your daily agenda
I swear it’ll take you so much higher

Leave your legacy
It’s what you are to your family
Let somebody be proud of you
I want you to brag cause you share my name
Know all about rainbows after the rain
The sun shines
See the sun whenever I enter your mind
Let it be mine


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