A Lie

December 31, 2007
A lie that I live,
A lie that I love,
A lie that I have a hold of.

A lie to keep
buried deep beneath my soul.
A lie kept close to my heart.

A lie told time and again to

A lie,
A lie,
A lie,

A lie of a lie

A lie I won't hold back
A lie that has not been
told before.
That lie doesn't live next to my
heart anymore.

A lie that had fooled me
from the beginning.

A lie that I will not
hold back anymore.

A lie that's been told to
one person every now and

A lie which doesn't hurt
'til the end of a life.

A lie of three words.

A lie not anymore but,
the lie.

The lie,
The lie,
The lie,

The lie of the words,
"I Love You."

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