King & Queen

October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

You blessed me with my life,
I face this cold world alone
While you are always in and out,
I’ve learned a lot of new things on my own
You’ve taught me all you could I guess
I’ve always listened to you well
You are my queen
I am the princess of our he**
You have not much care about what I do
Never concerned as to where I go
I’ve always done what I have wanted
Wondering why you never tell me no
Playing the role of both king and queen
For the King has never played his part
You’ve always spoke with such a weak tone
But you’ve always had a strong heart
You’ve given me love in ways that I appreciate
Sometimes I just wish for more
I’ve cried for attention a few times
But you’ve let my wounds grow sore
You introduced me to happiness
That’s when my life started to fall apart
The pills erased all my emotions
My choices were no longer smart
It’s so hard to grasp hold of your attention
To keep it is much harder
I use to give myself up to strangers
But my choices have gotten smarter
If giving up were so easy
I would have been gone by now
But you are much worth living for
I’ll get you to realize that someday somehow

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