Nothing Cannot Be Written

October 13, 2011
By Maybs13 BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Maybs13 BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
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There cannot be a poem written
About something that cannot or should not be written about.

Life itself is a poem.
With each being or object being a minor detail in the big picture.

The air we breathe is a poem.
We inhale thoughts; exhale words.

School is a poem.
From the shuffling through never ending halls to the anticipation of the final bell.

A comb is a poem.
From the mustache like bristles to the feeling of it fixing your hair.

Family is a poem.
With each member adding new life or new character.

A shower is a poem.
Each drop of steamy water soothing the senses of those who encounter it.

A bruise is a poem.
The pain magnified by the elaborate colors of a swollen limb.

A candle is a poem.
The light dances and flickers with even the smallest change in the environment.

The unknown is a poem.
It is a mystery just waiting to be discovered.

The author's comments:
I'm taking a Creative Writing course this year, and in one of the classes, my teacher challenged us to write a poem about something that should not or cannot be written. I was feeling a bit clever, so I wrote this poem.

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