Taking Love in Vain

January 1, 2008
Taking Love in Vain

I used to think I loved you,
Even when you made me cry,
Until you said to me one day,
You wished that I would go and die.

I decided in that moment,
That this really wasn’t love,
Now I see that you’re a Raven,
Masquerading as a dove.

So many girls had loved you,
Each one innocent like me,
Each one of us abused to breaking point,
Yet our pain you refused to see.

Your memory still haunts me,
I can no longer shed a tear,
Deep hatred of you that I feel now,
Has replaced all of my fear.

I hope if you ever read this,
You stop your little act,
From all the pain you caused to us,
Though you may beg we won’t come back.

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