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October 6, 2011
By DTosh BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DTosh BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Da-waaaaah a screaming dive bomb into a sweeping shred followed by a melodic tapping riff transformed by a delay pedal multiplied into five times what lead is actually playing equals a solo. Whether it’s astonishingly fast guitar solos, fast rhymes or a cool beat we all have music we listen to. Three reasons music is important to me is it is a fantastic way to express yourself, it is the greatest from of art and without it we wouldn’t have our favorite bands we listen to.

Music is probably a most commonly used form of medicine by us for feelings of sadness and depression and increase the level of happiness or excitement. For example if I were to be sad or depressed I would most likely go and listen to a sad song or if I were to be happy I would listen to a happy song or an amazing guitar solo.

Music is by far my most favorite form of art because not everyone likes a painting they may find it unextravegant because a painting cannot change it stays the same. It seems as if everyone does like music whether it’s metal, punk, Rock, rap, country and etcetera. A picture may be worth a thousand words but an album is a thousand words with added instruments such drums, bass and especially the guitar since I play guitar it has a somewhat effect on the music I listen to and allows me to make music and express myself through making music . I would deeply consider an album well over the worth of a picture.

We all have favorite bands and types of music we listen too. Some of my favorites would be avenged sevenfold, Metallica, system of a down, papa roach, green day, god smack, Billy talent, nirvana, blink one eighty two, good charlotte, pantera, linkin park and millions of billions more bands and artist. The style and type of music we listen to might even affect our style and attitude. For example look at the seventies. Everyone was all disco-ish and in the eighties everyone was all for rock and roll and old metal, with long hair and metal-ish and the tough guy attitudes style also the nineties was punk rock and rock. And affecting the attitudes and style of a person can go back to the expressing yourself through music concept.

Out of all of this I find music of great importance because it is a form of art, expression and everyone likes it and without it we wouldn’t have any bands like avenged sevenfold and we would loose another way to expressing ourselves which therefore would lead to a more boring and dull humankind, also without instruments like the guitar We have lossed yet another form of expression.

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