Music and Me

October 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Music is everything to me. Music is enough for my lifetime, but my lifetime is not enough for music. To me music is like my best friend. Music helps me work a lot faster then I usually do. When I think about myself listening to music, I believe that music is really important to me in a way and I might have some strengths and weaknesses, by listening to my favorite music like American pop and Korean pop.
My strengths are that music is part of my life it keeps me going. I feel like I am getting powered up for a game of volleyball. I listen to music even when I am doing my homework and watching T.V. I still listen. When I listen to music, I do chores a lot faster. My weaknesses are that I get distracted a lot and never listen to people only if I put the sound truly loud. My parents dislikes when I listen to music because I dance and sing around the house and they just yelled at me not fool around. I always tell them that it helps me and keeps me on control.
My favorite kind of music is American pop. I sing a lot when I listen to pop rock. I dance to but not as much as Kpop. My parents hate it when it comes to pop rock. While we are driving to Sheboygan to visit relatives for a feast, I always bring my IPod and I sit there and listen to loud American pop music and sing and move my arms like I am dancing. My dad looks at me in the mirror and just laughs and my mom just yells at me like I’m freak. After she yells at me, we watch high school musical on the car, I sing their songs and do hand movements and they just tell me to stop and shut up. I laugh all time because I just can't stop listening to American pop rock. American pop rock is really cool. My favorite singers are Justin Bieber, Charice Pempengco and Selena Gomez. My favorite songs that they sing are:

“Rain Without A Year” and “Who Says”– Selena Gomez

“Favorite Girl” and “Next to you” – Justin Bieber

“Pyramid” – Charice Pempengo
To me, I still like the old songs. I know there are better songs but those are the ones that I listen to the most.
My most favorite kind of music is Korean pop music. When I listen to Kpop song, oh my god they get serious. They yell at me and say do you even understand what they are singing? I just say, no but I like it though. This is the kind of music I dance a lot to. My parents hate when I dance they get embarrass by me where ever they go. My favorite kind of songs I like to dance is:

"Sorry Sorry" and "Mr. Simple" - Super Junior

"Replay", "Hello", "Ring Ding Dong" - SHINee

"Wedding Dress" - Taeyang (Big Bang Solo)

"Gee", "Genie", and "Mr. Taxi" - SNSD (Girls Generation)

"Here I am" - ZE:A

"Boyfriend" – Boyfriend
I still have a couple more but those are the best ones I am learning. I love Korean Songs. In some music videos in South Korea, some singers dance and some don't like CN Blue - "I'm a Loner" has only examples of what being a loner is instead dancing. Super Junior - "Sorry Sorry" is only dancing the most parts some they just sing. Boyfriend - "Boyfriend" has singing, dancing, and examples of what the song means. Even though some music videos are poor, I still like them. Korean Songs are popular but America doesn’t really notice them, except for people in California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada. For example, there is this married Canadian couple and they make funny videos and put it on YouTube. They are really funny because they do funny bloopers and they make fun of Korean Pop stars but it makes the Korean pop stars more popular. There channel is called “simonandmartin.” They went to South Korea, and were on this popular show called Star King and they were really popular. When I stated watching them, they made me laugh so hard that I was crying too. Korean songs are awesome I wish some of the Pop singers come to America and do a concert.
In conclusion, I love music. It might be bad for me in some ways but I think I might as well change them. I hope my parents let me do whatever I want with music like sing, dance, and move around the house. I hope that I will like American pop and Korean pop FOREVER! I hope I listen to music my whole life. I should not to be a Korean pop freak because I don't even understand them but I just listen to them. I hope my parents won't get too serious when I listen to music. Music to me is like my families and friends are here by my side and I don’t consider being alone. I sense like I am free like a wild animal because I feel like I am doing my own musical. To me music is like everything. When I am listening to music, I feel like I am listening to a poem that is responding to my ideas.

The author's comments:
I really love music.

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on Nov. 17 2011 at 7:59 pm
Sudy_Lor_Hlub_Donghae_Lee BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
love is friendship and friendship is love
music brings us together

lol Thank you!! your so funny!!

on Nov. 7 2011 at 5:28 pm
Supersweet77 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I love your article! I can totally relate to it. Music is also my life too. I don't think I can live without it. I mostly listen to kpop though. I'm a total kpop freak even though I don't understand it either. Because of kpop, I've been learning more about Korean language and culture. I've also expanded my horizon and think beyond America and started learning about other countries' music. Like Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, German, and even Russian music. But my favorite is still kpop. There is just something special about it. Korean TV shows are really funny too! I usually watch them with subtitles whenever I have free time. I think they're better than American TV. I agree that Americans aren't really aware of kpop, but I think kpop is becoming more and more known to people across the world. And I'm really glad too, because I know how hard the artists work. And about the concerts, they do have concerts here in the US. In fact, I think SMtown had one in New York recently. They just don't come here often because its costly.

Anyway, it was really nice to read your article! Hehe, and I know I typed a really long comment-sorry! :)

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