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October 6, 2011
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Giggling and laughing wake me up, 7am on a Saturday morning. Yes it’s annoying but it’s my family, we are a very unique family and full of excitement and laughs. My family consists of 4 people. My loving and shopping addict mom. My hardworking and fun filled dad. My little giggly cute pie sister Valerie and my older role model beautiful best friend Meg.
First of all my mother does it all and everything for me, she’s always there supporting me and pushing me to do bigger and better things. She is a beautiful person inside in and out she always puts others first and helps anyone in need. She’s always around when I am going through hard times and boy problems. I feel that we have a really good relationship and a strong bond that no one can take away or replace. Because of that bond my mom trusts me a lot so I have so much freedom. My mom is an amazing person she is a great biker and a wonderful skier. She loves to party and hangout with her friends in her free time. My mom works super hard to support my family; she does a great job at it. My mom is the boss of a health department company and loves her job. She also loves talking to my friends about there problems and taking me and Meg shopping. My mom also loves to eat organic food, so it always smells different all the time in my house everyday when I come home. Lastly, my mom likes taking family trips to exotic places and fascinating cities my mom is an adventurous person, I am glad because it’s always fun on family vacations and never get’s boring. I couldn’t ask for a better mom.
Secondly dad is one of the funniest people I know. He always makes great jokes and cracks everyone up. He is always there if I am having a bad day to get it off my 2 mind. When we are stressed out we always run to get everything out of our minds, it’s a great bonding time and a great stress reliever for both of us. We also take long car rides to bond. My dad is always pushing me to strive better at track. My dad is a great musician player and has great taste in music I always find good songs from him. We always listen to rap together it’s definitely our favorite. He works at Theda Care Clark as an ultrasound tech, and has for 15 years. I have always liked going to work with him because all the people are so friendly and nice. On his free time he loves to watch football with his guy friends. I love my dad very much, he means a lot to me.
Lastly, I am going to talk about my sisters Valerie is my little sister. She always looks up to me for advice. We bond by doing each others hair. It’s always nice to come home from a stressful day at school, and be greeted at the door with Valerie’s loving hugs and huge smile on her face. She has sea blue eyes, lots of pretty freckles and the blondest hair you could ever imagine. She loves going to school and boating. She also has started playing the violin and snowboarding just like me. Having a little sister has impacted me so much. My other sister, Meg is not like any other sister in the world the funny thing is we are not related, but she is my best friend and always has been. She is always around and always there to talk. We always have super fun Friday nights together. Some days when we don’t want to do anything we lay around and watch friends. No matter what we are doing its always fun. We get closer everyday and make lots of fun memories and laughs. She is always there for me and my entire family considers her a part of the family. I love both of them very much.
In conclusion my families very unique, funny and supportive. They have taught me right from wrong. Every one of these people has touched my heart and left a huge place in it that can’t ever be replaced. I hear many people giggling on a Saturday morning I roll over and look at my clock 8:31 really? I think wow. I slowly walk down the stairs. My mom, sister, dad & Meg are playing monopoly I think to my self I really wouldn’t want my life any other way, because my life and family is perfect to me.

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