October 6, 2011
By Anonymous

My name is Tai
I’m from 7 mile and Ryan,
The hood the slums
Where everybody dying,
Everyday people sad
And families always crying,
I want to be above and beyond
Like a plane in the sky flying.

People always doubting me
But I don’t think anything of them,
I just keep it moving and look down on them
I feel I am so high above them.

Where I’m from
You would be lucky to make it out alive,
Or to even be smart enough
To not be left behind.

Made me what I am today,
To grow up,
Become a man,
And to always collect pay.

Now my goal
Is to make it in life,
To make the best of it
And to help WE THE PEOLPE open there eyes.

The author's comments:
its about my life and how society is today and how im trying to make a difference

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