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October 6, 2011
Drowning deep
In the middle of the sea
Drinking water so fast
That you cannot breathe
Getting your pants wet
Weighing you down
Walking in the rain
Drenching wet
I'm afraid of water
Ah! it's in my eyes
I can't see
I am blind

Sounds increase
They're screaming in my ears
I don't know where they're coming from
Help me I'm scared
The sounds surround me
Trapping me in
The voices are talking
Too many people to hear

Guys and girls
Crowded they mix
I'm stuck in the middle
I can feel their stares fixed
On the cowering me
Caught in between
A hard place and a rock
Which bugs live underneath

Creeping on out
Crawling on your feet
You can't keep them off you
Getting in your ears
Engulfing you like quicksand
Oh god I'm in fear!

What if I get dirty
What if mud stains my clothes
I can't let that happen
No, not now
I have a presentation
Uh-oh times running out

My speech is prepared
I've mesmerized it whole
But what if the audience laughs
So hard that they fold
I look out from the stage
I'm about to hurl

All of them clowns
Big red smiles
And orange hair
With trickster flowers
Shooting everywhere
They're so unintelligent
Using such tiny words
And being so happy

I gotta run
Hide away
From the monsters they are
Run to the forest and pray
But what if I get lost?
What if no one finds me
I could die out here
From being so hungry

I can't live in trees
I could get splinters
And the branches on the ground
They could slice me
Besides there are spiders all over

Crawling and jumping
And ew I think that one was hairy!
With eight skinny legs
And that tiny weird face
With the pincher like things
You don't even know that they're there
Til they're right in your face!!!

Like a piercing gun
Coming to pierce your lip
Kinda scary, I mean
What if it slips
Then you get pierced somewhere random
And odd
And talk about painful
Like falling from high up above

That's why I don't like roof tops
And skyscrapers
And stairs
A misstep and it's over
You're falling through thin air
Down into anything
Like a fire
Or fair

Or a fair on fire
All the tents in flames
The children crying
While others are getting maimed
By the wild animals that got loose

With teeth bigger than my hand
Paws greater than my head!
Pouncing on innocents
Swinging their red
Covered faces
In kids' blood

Bees flying around
Swarming everything
Invading the area
Clouds of black buzzing
After people
After me!
But I'm allergic to bees!
I can't get stung!

I don't have that pen
Oh what's it called?
I can't name it
It's this gigantic word
Oh I dislike large words
I have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Meaning to be cowardice towards voluminous words

I also have Metrophobia
I dread the rhyme schemes
And stanzas!
Oh No!
I can't believe it!
It's not possible!
This here!
Is what I fear most

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