Enter Stage Right

December 31, 2007
By Rachel Muntz, Garden Grove, CA

Enter Stage Right

It’s okay. Stand up tall.
Take baby steps to jump off the train,
Off the caboose to which you cling, and into your own skin.
It takes more energy to pretend than to trust who you really are.
It comes as naturally as each breath you take.
It may be sharp at first and cut you like a razor.
It’s a change, The Unexpected.
But you don’t have to worry.
When they see you, I mean The Real You
Hidden behind the not-so-clever façade
That everyone else seems to be wearing,
They’ll take a hint and shut off the lights,
Yell, “Cut!” on their make-believe drama,
Exit stage left, and live the life they dare.
Suddenly there’d be a shortage of all those little green monsters –
Eyes as piercing as darts, lurking behind our foliage;
Each intruder who may come a-slashing
With a sword just like Zorro in those old black and white movies.
Just open up, drop the charade.
Sweep in front of your own door, and they’ll all follow.
It’s not as impossible as it seems.

This will certify that the above work is completely original.

Rachel Lauren Muntz

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