The Three Legged Race

December 31, 2007
The Three Legged Race

The gun was fired, and off we go
“Run,” Paul says, “Run and fight!”
Run hard, Run strong, from birth to death.
A race, our race, a race called life.
Not track, nor dash, nothing rash
This life, our life, the Three Legged Race.
Two by two, through ups and downs.
One after the other, needing another.
Be it brother, sister, best friend or lover;
We run life, our life, a Three Legged Race.
The bond is forged, true and deep,
strong and pure, so long enduring.
The bond called friendship, a bond called love
This bond that lasts us... for awhile.
Attached at the heart; a steady pace
Through hard times, a smiling face
A shoulder to cry on, and one who listens
Wiping away the tears that glisten
My God, I thank you, for this Three Legged Race.
Growing together, experiencing together
Knowing life’s joys, knowing its sorrow
You always there, waiting each ‘morrow.
Thank you Lord; Thank you my friend.
Someone to run with, in this Three Legged Race.

But paths do split, and goodbye’s are said.
The bond dissolved, leaves a shining thread.
Clutching and grasping, reaching for something
But its gone, you’re gone, off far ahead
You’ve found another, left me alone, facing life all on my own
I need you! I’m empty! So lonely and dead...
I’m minus a leg, only got two.
I stumble and fall in this Three Legged Race.
“Get up,” a voice says, “Get up and go.”
“Run hard, run strong! Obtain My prize.”
But I’m cold and I’m weak, can’t even speak
So hollow, so empty, where did you go?
I crawl on two, missing you
But what can I do? There’s no going go back.
Life ’s one way, and merely memories are left;
Pursuing my path; going alone, only two legs in a Three Legged Race.
Each day is pain, my thoughts on you
What did I do? I’m such a fool!
Rage and anger, sadness and sorrow
A viper’s nest of dark emotions
At last I collapse, fall to the ground
I find no worth in continuing now
Only got hopelessness on this planet round
My face in the dust, no strength to continue
Is this the end of my Three Legged Race?
But two arm’s encircle me, He picks me up,
A voice so calm, so warm n’ deep
“Rest here, find peace, wait for another”
“One day, you WILL continue my race”
Eyes closed, I sleep, content for awhile
Forward I go, a little relief, my Savior, my Lord bearing me
Carried, I look, awaiting your face
Are you alone like I in the race of life?
I’ll find you, you’ll join me, my friend, and my soulmate.
Together, we’ll go, hope till the last.
Until the end, till the finish
This is Life’s Three Legged Race

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