Missing You

December 31, 2007
By Kira Meehan, Leominster, MA

Missing You

As I walk these lonely, empty roads,
All I can think about is you.
The laughter we once shared,
The way you made me feel;
Like I was the only thing that mattered in your world.

I’m walking still, down a long pathway,
Wondering why you left.
It seemed so true, so real,
A love that I had never known before.
Will I ever feel that way again?

Now I don’t know where I am,
And I stop just for a moment.
I’m lost without you,
I had grown so used to having
Someone who cared as much for me as I did them.

I resume my journey,
Deep in thought once again.
The sound of your voice in my head makes me smile,
But soon arouses a deep longing,
One that I’ve felt many times before.

I can hardly see where I’m going,
The tears come even though I try to stop them.
It’s been so long, and yet
I still can’t believe
That we can no longer be what we once were.

I circle and circle for hours on end,
As my thoughts slowly come to a close.
I know that I need to get over you,
But it just seems impossible,
Life simply can’t be the same without your love.

Forever and ever,
As long as I live,
I know I will always love you.
The only thing that I must know,
Is will you return the favor?

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