Eternal Embers

December 31, 2007
By Shawna Mount, Honolulu, HI

Eternal Embers

My heart now stark of love so sweet;
Lost in the frost in the far dark.
Caged rage burning higher fire,
Denying crashing deep seas of weep.
Strive to survive, not drown in drear.
Ever sever hapless darkness
From winsome self, no slave to pain.
I must thrust woe, make it all fall;
Molder under deep depths of hell,
Then great heaven, a bright light home,
Then in time, rime will melt until
My heart must bust from fevered warmth,
And mind can find release and peace.
Though I do know that solace hope
And the strained song of painful love
Will always fill part of my heart
For just one more glance, one more chance
Of thy great love and the kiss of bliss.
I could and would give all I live
For and much more, if only one
Day to lay with you under blue
Skies and night till dawn when you're gone.
Eternal embers of hope and love.

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