December 31, 2007
When we met my life slightly changed
It made no sense and some sense
All at the same time
I was confused and swirled around
Just at the sight of you

But then I lost you for a while
Forget how we had changed each others lives

Now that you’re here
I’m telling you now how you have changed
My life

Now that you’re here I’m happy again
Because of you I don’t care about what ‘they’ say
Since I’ve known you I’ve learned
To love the smell of smoke on your clothes
Breathing it in when we hug

When I lost you, you changed
Only to prove yourself to me even more
Your different but for the better

I’ve learned to love myself
Just because of how you look at me
Your hair, no matter how it looks
I love it
Tickle fight that I always win
Are worth the pain
Sneaking out to see you
At midnight is all worth the trouble I get into
After I come back into the house

This may or may not work out
But if it does it’s our miracle
But if it doesn’t it’s our mistake

Either way we are in it together

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