Amazing Feeling

December 31, 2007
By Brittney Casstevens, Jonesville, NC

Amazing Feeling

The sea gulls fly above chirping,
The fish swim around and under you.
You’re waiting for that perfect wave,
The one with the right curve, height, and speed.
But when it comes the adrenaline over comes you,
All you want to do is catch it and ride.

Once you’re shredding it it’s like no other feeling,
The feeling of happiness, amazement, and over powering love.
But as you’re on top of the world,
Think... what if it was all taken away right now.
No one wants to experience that pure torture,
Or what life would be like without that awesome sensation.

But its everyday life anything can be taken away,
And that anything anytime.
But sometimes that’s what we need to keep us on our toes,
And to keep us thankful for what we have.
When one door closes another opens,
And sometimes just maybe that door will open again you just have to let it.

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