Life and Pain

December 30, 2007
in life we struggle the arts of pain
the strife gets harder when its pouring rain
misleading the heart during roaring fame
the fears of numbers count to the time of Cain

the worries of the great prime that brings harm and pain
love evolves by natures sympathy of time and change
the weary fellow, fallows the cry that sang
tears of ecstasy and tears of terror that hang

tears of joy and tears of sorrow
drops of water from the man, he barrowed
he feels the strain, the strain of struggles
the feeling of failure, and the futures abounded bundle

trapped thoughts and torn edged dreams
the diary of a mad man, his soul is seized
a well tought genius with the goals of kings
anonymous but never change a thing

chained up like a animal, that hasn't ate for weeks
dark rooms and trapped doors leading to nowhere
in his mind he feels like a trapped boy, finding the place of somewhere
tears of joy and tears of sorrow, backtrack the tears that were barrowed

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