Ordinary Life

December 30, 2007
By Darina Shtrakhman, Warren, NJ

Ordinary Life

Sat out on the porch today,
watched the puddles gather rain,
saw the queen cat slink into the house
and clean her paws with her pretty mouth.
Spilled some words on a page today
and tried to clean up the mess I'd made,
wondered if every day could be so same.

Woke up today and sailed away
in my car to school -- responsibility, rules,
made some tea for two and fought with him
over and over about my point of view.
Watched the work, the world pile up
and sat dismayed, watching the news,
seeing the mess America’s made.

Grew some and learned some today,
watched some worries float away
down the river; instead looked forward
to summer, next Christmas, Graduation Day,
looked outside and saw some people celebrate
-- he'd lost a tooth...on his birthday!
Saw the details and smiled away.
It's just another day, another day.

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