I wish I could Fly

October 10, 2011
By enjoi725 BRONZE, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
enjoi725 BRONZE, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
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I would love to fly

In the big blue sky

But I was made to stay on earth

Where I belonged straight from birth

If I was able to fly,

There be no reason for Bill Nye

I wish I could soar

But no I’m nothing but a boar

I would love to have wings as an eagle

But all I have is a beagle

Life is so unfair

But I guess everyone has their despair

I wish I was happy like the rest of you

But people just say you have no clue

They tell me to be happy as I am

But I never will be satisfied as a ham

That’s why I want to fly

I have a reason why

I don’t want to be bacon or ham

I just want to be happy as I am.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece out of pure boredom. Its was a very tiring day and I just started typing away and this is what I got...... :)

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