October 5, 2011
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I never thought love can play a roll. I never knew how strongly I can bruise.Lead you in my heart, I offically Commited to you. But once I've open up, you decided to torn me into two. Being broken is not easily being heal.
You broken my heart,
You shatter'd my soul,
You've damage my love that I carefully handed to you to hold.
You've made me cry for all you've done. I couldn't control myself, now I have scars that I'll never say goodbye ..
You were my past, and thought you can be my future.I gave it another chance but apparentlly nothing last.
I fall too deep, I fall too hard.
whats there to catch?...
a broken heart!
Like, a broken glass where you can't retape or retaken; redo or return too.
All I can think of is "I love you"
But I can't read your mind, Are you playing a game or too?
Broken is pain, now I feel ashamed.
Shouldn't bother to love you agian.
Being Broken can't really be replace. It takes time to regain the strength.
It's like a mistake. But! now, place the token an play agian
because, love is like a game.
You were my world, You were my light now it's destoryed to the point where we ended with a goodbye and have a goodlife.

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