Emotional Whirlpool

April 3, 2008
Through the front door, out we went,
Didn’t stop to think, didn’t stop to vent;
We ran down the street and stopped at a home,
Sitting inside, an old lady along;
We knocked on her door and she motioned us in,
Starting an endless flurry of sin;
Fifty-two dollars catered to our cause,
The rest of the world had been put on pause;
We called a cab and exited town,
Arrived in Gibbon and clowned around;
Camping in bathrooms, stealing from cars,
It would have been easier flying to Mars;
We hid in a corn field away from a cop,
If only we had decided to stop;
But we didn’t because we wanted to go far,
Which led us to the act of stealing a car;
As everyone woke up and got ready for class,
We headed to Cairo to fill up on gas;
Waving helpful thoughts all goodbye,
We left that town and headed to G.I;
Getting food and entering the store,
Once again stealing more and more;
Three swimsuits is what we stole,
Digging ourselves a deeper hole;
Once we left there we went to O’Neill,
When we got there it hit me out actions were real;
I talked to some friends that said they were scared,
This is when I started to care;
We were gonna head back, no doubt about it,
Then we found out a tornado may hit;
I called my friend Alvin who found us a place to stay,
Now I look back and see the price we had to pay;
We met Jeff who let us crash at his place,
Looking back now it’s a time I’d erase;
We dyed our hair at sunset,
Which is one event I don’t regret;
Drinking vodka, smoking pot,
It seemed as if they thought we could be bought;
I didn’t give in, but wanted to have fun,
I knew I could decide when I was done;
I felt like I could party until death,
Until I found out I had used meth;
I was talking to Pam and asked about Michelle,
We were both worried and you could tell;
Michelle was in the basement with a thirty year-old guy,
I seriously felt clueless and started to cry;
The light in my head felt as if it was going dim,
That’s when Alvin said we could stay with him;
I felt very unsafe when his brother came and picked us up,
My emotions felt uncontrollable and I wanted to erupt;
But Pam and I sat in the car while his grandma fell asleep,
It felt as if we had fallen in a hole that had been dug too deep;
I told Pam I was scared and wanted to run,
I remember running and my body feeling as if it weighed a ton;
This is when everything went dark, I couldn’t see,
All of a sudden I was back standing twenty feet away from Pam thinking this isn’t me;
My pants by her feet, my shoes unable to be found,
My heart in my head, I could hear it pound;
As I know now I wasn’t myself,
I endangered my body, my mind, even my health;
I had to walk in embarrassment back to the house,
I seriously felt as small as a tiny mouse;
Nick and I met up the next day,
Eleven o’clock was the latest he could stay;
We hung out for a while and talked a lot,
Never once had we fought;
Pam, Michelle, and I all got separated during this time,
This is when I decided there’s no time for crime;
After all the help and encouragement Nick gave me,
I was definitely not filled with glee;
I told Nick I was ready to stop,
He gave me a hug and called the cops;
So as you can see that running away with nowhere to go,
Was an event that led me to my ultimate low.

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