Description of Sand

October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Sand can be wonderful and awful. When you first walk on the beautiful beach, it feels extremely hot on your feet. So, you run to the ocean, but it takes forever to get there because the sand is so loose that is really hard to move in. Then, your feet freeze in the ice cold ocean water so you dash back into the warm sand but it sticks to your soaked feet, it feels really gross and weird! But, it is super fun to make different sized sand castles, until your swimsuit is completely filled with sticky sand. The sand smells like disgusting wet feet and I hate when you sniff, and it goes up your nose, it burns and stings! It is very cool to look at the bright, yellowish colored sand, until it burns your eyes from the bright sun reflecting off of it. Ouch! It sounds gritty when you rub it together in your fingers. But it sounds cool and splashy when you make a mud castle out of the squishy, wet sand. Sand varies from many different colors, it can be dark shades of brown, or bright shades of yellow and white. I love the sound of when you sprint across the wet, squishy sand. I absolutely love watching the tiny clam thingys try to bury themselves deep into the wet sand. I also love it when there are huge pools of ocean water out in the middle of the sand and are swarming with shiny, silver minnows! I like it when there are squishy jellyfish in the sand; I like to poke their jiggly heads with sticks. It is so fun to make multiple sandcastles into one giant castle, or even a community! I love to watch those sand sculpting people make extraordinary sculptures out of sand. I wish I could do that. Sand probably doesn’t taste very delicious, ew… when I was little, I went to the beach every year with my friends Savannah and Taylor. We would play Cinderella all the time. I was always Cinderella and they were the evil stepsisters. We would cover ourselves in the dry, gritty sand and that would be our dresses for the “ball”. They would get buckets of water and pour them on me to ruin my “dress” it was always so fun. I love the dry, hot, gritty, feet-smelling, bad tasting, wet, squishy, nose burning sand.

The author's comments:
this is a descriptive writing about sand and how it can be good and bad

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