October 9, 2011
Outside each day at three-thirty,
Waiting for our rides, that’s where we’ll be
We’re tired, sweaty, but happy
We think track was worth the extra fee
Some days sweat will pour down our sides
Sometimes the boys smelled like something died

Some of us hurled a big metal ball
The track meets were quite fun for us all
A few, when we ran, charged like bulls
And some of us flew over hurdles
A few times some people got hurt
When they stumbled and fell in the dirt

When we run, it’s a bonding time
Sometimes it’s tough; like walking’s a crime!
Some of us found a new talent
To the joy of our smiling parents
They like that we get out the house
And run like a cat after a mouse

My muscles are tight, I feel fit
I have too much energy to sit!
Track’s good; it makes me feel healthy
Sometimes it takes too much time for me
Track was fun and got us in shape
Can’t wait for next year; it’ll be great!

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SElahi said...
Mar. 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm
Very fun! Brings back good memories :D
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