Life is a Jungle

April 3, 2008
By LaKeshia Johnson, Ruckersville, VA

Life is a jungle

A jungle of ideas, feelings, and things

A fumble of emotions

A feeling of being overwhelmed

A feeling of being pushed down by civilization

A feeling of trying to express yourself and being ignored

A feeling of being suffocated by someone else’s emotions

The need to be different can be obsessive

Civilization tries to make a mold out of you

And you just want to break out

But you can’t

There is too much pressure to be what

Everyone thinks is normal

So it’s even harder to be normal

Life makes you choke

And gasp for breath

And you feel like there’s

Nothing left

For you to live for

Because you’ve done all of life’s chores

You’ve felt all the emotions

Pain, Love, Hate, Sadness, Devotion, Joy

You’ve done all you needed to do

So this life is through with you.

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