The Job is Done

April 3, 2008
By Jessica Cooksey, Lake, MS

He had his mind made up
He was gonna fly
He'd rather go down fighting
If he ever had to die

He knew it meant not seeing her
But he hoped she'd be ok
He comforted her with the letters
That he wrote her every day

He wasn't there when the baby was born
and she was now turning two
The first time he saw a picture he whispered
"She looks just like you"

She put their little one to sleep that night
then sat down to watch tv
She jumped straight up and shouted
"Please tell me that's who I think I see"

He stood in front of the cameras
and said "I'll be home in about a week"
She found herself dancing around
until she fell asleep

The big day came and she was so excited
She could barely speak
She got the little one dressed and then she felt a tear roll down her cheek

They stepped off the plane
one by one
and the whole world shouted
"The job is done"

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