Faciful and Lovely

April 3, 2008
Fanciful and lovely, glorious and great,
Behold, the beautiful butterfly whom all hate!
Born of the griffin king, Edward the Third,
Raised by two wolves and a pterodactyl bird,
Enslaved by giants in the land of Nard,
Then set free by a wandering bard,
The beautiful butterfly came and saw;
It conquered these lands with its deadly claw.
Two centuries since, the beast still reigns,
Cruel as ever, it keeps us in chains—
All bow down!
All bow down!
It approaches from the east and demands sacrifice!
The world has known no greater beauty, nor greater vice,
Than that of the beautiful butterfly that dwells in these hills,
With a mighty claw and coat exquisite enough to kill.
Clad in purple and royal gold,
Noble and proud—Behold! Behold!
The beautiful butterfly that exceeds all magnificence,
The beautiful butterfly whom all hate.

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