A Glass Heart.

October 11, 2011
We are in love.
We will be together.
For always.
I walk to your house,
I want to surprise you,
Your present in my hands.
I ring the doorbell.
No answer.
I knock.
I know you are here.
The door opens.
There you stand,
As perfect as always.
But who is that?
Standing behind you?
She is wearing nothing but your shirt.
You, on the other hand,
You are wearing nothing but your unbuttoned pants.
Your face is blank.
She laughs at me.
I drop my hands,
Your present crashing to the floor.
A glass heart.
I made it for you.
“We are in love,
We will be together.
For always.”
Was engraved on the side.
It shatters, as does mine.
I turn, walking away.
I will never be loved.
I will be forever alone.
For always.

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