Some Things Just Won't Change

October 11, 2011
By Anonymous

For two years, you didn't even have a clue
Even though everyone else knew
I figured word would get around
But no one made a sound

I listened to every word you spoke
I laughed at every joke
But that wasn't enough
Why did you make things so tough?

For months I tried to catch your eye
All my friends had to say was
They didn't understand
I would do anything for you
My love was always true

But you chose her instead
I then knew there was trouble ahead
So I decided to forget about you
Haha I thought it worked too
Then I realized no matter what I do
I could never stop loving you

You and her were no more
The chance I had asked for
It was time to make my move
After all I've improved

Was I good enough for you now?
Everyone else seemed to say wow

We talked for awhile
But it was hard to concentrate with that smile
I explained my feelings for you
I expected you to say
"Me too"

Instead you told me she still owns your heart
This tore me apart
I should have known
But I jet couldn't help it
My feelings had grown

Now I don't know what to say
But these feelings just won't go away

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