Light in the Distance

April 2, 2008
You fall to the ground,
Everything around you slows,
With your eyes half open
You remember the good times,
And all of the bad.
You remember what you did,
And how you hope to god it was worth it.
The tears start to fall,
Each one hitting the ground
Each one representing
Every life you took,
Every tear you caused,
And every scream you caused.
Your body hits the pavement,
Everything turns to black,
You see a light in the distance.
You walk towards it,
Hoping and wishing that it's the savior,
Coming to save you from the devil.
You hear the shreiks in the distance,
And soon realize that it's too late,
Too late to right your wrongs,
Too late to change your fate,
Now, you must suffer the consequences
And repay all of your sins.

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