Friend or Fiend?

October 4, 2011
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Spindly legs from body radiate,
Attached, her hard and venomous pate,
From fangs in front, a doomed insect meets its fate,
With terror, I watch this scene play out on my wall,
My parents laugh with unwonted gall,
For arachnids, regrettably, I fear all,
They are diminutive in my scale,
Yet once I spot them, I soon grow pale,
This time though, I will not fail,
I shall eradicate my fear,
The dread that filled me for many a year,
Nevermore shall it appear,
The spider crawls across my hands,
My rebellious mind making its absurd demands,
I observe on her legs, such pretty, white bands,
Solely, I wish to set things right,
As my brain debates its fight or flight,
No further can I take this ordeal tonight,
Our little friend now comes to rest,
Upon the wall now, an honored guest,
With this effort, I have done my best,
Such bravery, I cannot always feign,
I shall have to try again,
Soon, these fears shall have no reign.

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