The 300

October 4, 2011
By brimor34 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
brimor34 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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At the gates of Sparta a Persian arrived
To demand the submission of Leonidas
Into the well he goes without a second thought
“No” is the Spartans reply
Prepare for the battle at Thermoplye.

Up to the Ephors Leonidas goes
To receive their blessing and prepare for war
With 300 soldiers Leonidas departs
All know they will most likely die
Set out for the battle at Thermoplye.

They regard their mission as certain suicide
When Ephialtes asks to join the fight
Leonidas says no not knowing what Ephialtes will do
Now Ephialtes wants the Persians’ sympathy
Train for the battle at Thermoplye.

The Persians demand the Spartans’ weapons
Leonidas refuses and forms his phalanx
Forward run the Immortals
Not knowing the dust is where they will lie
Continue the battle at Thermoplye.

Ephialtes informs the Persians of the Spartans’ weakness
The secret path he was willing to defend
Back to Sparta Dilios goes
To unite the council, in vain the 300 will die
Help the battle at Thermoplye.

Taking the path the Persian will win
The Spartans all die with one final blow
A rain of arrows blocks out the sun
The Spartans are martyrs on the ground they lie
Regret the battle at Thermoplye.

Dilios returns with 4000 men
To kill the Persians that fought the 300
The Spartans yell “This is Sparta”
The 300 have now made the Persians weary
Redeem the battle at Thermoplye.

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