The Place I Call My Home

April 2, 2008
Welcome to the land of the beautiful.
My home.
Feel free to take a look around.
Hop in your car,
a SUV or a convertible bug.
It’s your choice.
Fill up with gas,
even though the gas will go fast.
Let’s go to the ocean.
Pick your coast,
Atlantic or Pacific.
Let’s go to the Great Lakes,
the plains,
the mountains.
Palm trees,
sea weed,
dip your toes in the sand.
Sit on a boat all day,
with nothing to say.
We could catch a Rodeo.
Watch as the rider hangs on.
Fluffy snow hits your face,
as you go down the slope.
A juicy steak on the grill.
Watch the fireworks.
and blue.
Wrapped in a blanket.
Spend time with family.
We celebrate our independence.
The land of the free.
Zoom in.
Big cities,
little cities,
the rich,
the poor.
The ones that have to much.
The ones that struggle,
just to have enough.
New York city.
Statue of Liberty.
Who is a sophisticated lady,
standing with pride,
no fear.
Choose in what you believe.
This is America.
Feel your heart with pride.
The eagle,
who soars above us.
Even when our buildings fall.
We will stand strong.
This is the land of opportunities.
Being a vet,
a teacher.
It’s your choice.
Where ever your heart leads you,
stand proud.
Be thankful.
I’m thankful.
Live your dreams.
There’s hope.
This is America.
Like a shinny jewel with all its beauty.
I love America.
I’m thankful
and proud,
to call this place my home.

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