My New World

April 2, 2008
I am leading an uneventful life, full of looming nothingness.
My life is as exciting as watching a blade of grass grow.
My childhood, from an outsider’s view, was better than most,
I had the best of everything, everything materialistic, that is.
I thought myself special because of what I had, not who I was.
I got caught up in that superficial world of nothingness.
I was consumed with that very nothingness.
And now at 17, I have seen things.
I have heard things.
I know things.
I don’t know that world of nothingness anymore.
I hate that world.
I love the new world I have discovered.
I’ve lost that materialistic train of thought.
It’s funny how it once so hungrily devoured my mind.
I’m looking for love in my new world,
A love that can replace the love for nothingness that I once possessed.
I wish I had discovered this world so long ago,
Because then I could have discovered myself sooner.

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