lost in our own

October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

I wake up to a sunny day not knowing were to turn not knowing what will happen to me.Just starting new.well at least trying to.We see the world as something more as if we are trying to hope and pray that there will be more.We never really see the world as what it really is but as the colors that shine in front of us.we get lost in our imagination trying to make things out to what they really are.make things out to what we really are or what we think we are.but what we don't see is that we see the real thing but we are so lost and confused that we cant see that all we are is lost.we cant tell if what we are is real or fake..but isn't that the beauty of seeing things our way.see things not for what people want us to see but how we look at each other and on life.cause all i see is a lost soul looking for a way to express themselves and to show the world that we aren't lost but misunderstood,we think that we are lost but all we are is miss guideed by what people say. we shouldn't let people guide us but let our self guide us for that this is our life.and then finally we can stand up and say we are misunderstood and sometimes we are lost in our own but for that we wouldn't be who we are if we weren't lost.

The author's comments:
this peace is about losing your self and not knowing were to turn.

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